Welcome to the new Farahad

Farahad is a coming strategic game that supports different kind of strategies. One  objective is to stay control of areas to gain control of resourses and access to trade routes over your oponents. Progress: Farahad is under development. In progress: – Game been updated to the latest CMS, 2017-06-08. – Multiple tavern channels. At start it … Continue reading “Welcome to the new Farahad”

The Map of Farahad island [outdated]

The coming version of Farahad will be persistent and have no regular resets. With that comes a more fixed world and a limited world where you can no longer grow your acres virtually limitless and not worrying about other boundries. The Farahad island is one of many islands in the universe. The size of the … Continue reading “The Map of Farahad island [outdated]”

Farahad – the era of Commanders

When all the smokes clears…  and the web site is back. Let’s discuss the next version of Farahad! A few ideas currently in the forge Game Play – ideas of what will change Move away from virtual huge armies to Party Based play. [Party of armies 15/3] Map Centric – limited World, forced conflicts. The Map … Continue reading “Farahad – the era of Commanders”